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    The leading enterprise of refrigeration fittings industry

    DunAn Environment is a world leading enterprise in the refrigeration fittings industry with cutting-edged technology, quality, marketing and manufacturing advantages. The annual outputs of our service valve, four-way valve, accumulator and other leading products all exceed ten millions. Sales volumes are among the world top. We have the biggest global market shares of service valves and the second biggest shares of four-way valves and electronic expansion valves.

    We provide integrated energy-saving refrigeration system solutions, which include system matching, energy efficiency optimization, and overall unit & remote control, etc. Our products and designs are widely applied in areas of residential A/C, commercial A/C, heat pump, refrigeration, new energy automobile, etc.

    DunAn Environment is dedicated to global expansion and has set up production bases and sales network both in China and around the world to provide professional services for customers.

    Quality provider of thermal solutions

    DunAn’s thermal and industrial control components business provides solutions for commercial AC systems, data center AC system, refrigeration systems, heat-pump water heaters, refrigerated shipping containers, rail transportation, automobile, ships and other fields. Key products include fin tube heat exchangers, microchannel heat exchanger s, shell and tube heat exchangers, industrial intelligent control parts and others.

    DunAn’s micro-channel project has won the second prize of National Award for Scientific and Technology Progress in 2014. The project has successfully overcome the technique difficulties of the application of micro-channel heat exchanger in evaporator and low-temperature heat pump system area. DunAn has purchased the micro-channel production line of TRANE U.S. Inc. and build a production base for assembly parts in Tennessee, USA.

    Aiming to grow our business of commercial A/C, fan, compressor, refrigeration, medical purification equipment; To be one of the best in nuclear power, electric power, metallurgy, military, medical and food safety industry.

    The centrifuge technology reaches the international advanced level, and for the third generation of nuclear power reactors with centrifugal chillers enterprises.

    In the field of special air conditioning, DunAn provides professional and integrated HVAC solutions for nuclear power, rail transportation, military, medical, electronic, communications and other industries.

    In the field of nuclear power, we has successfully developed the world's first nuclear grade chiller, nuclear grade centrifugal fan, containment cooling units, AP1000 reactor top fan and other key products. DunAn is one of the main high-tech suppliers with a complete nuclear power HVAC product line in China.

    In the field of industrial fan, DunAn has 50 years of manufacturing experience. We have provided a large number of high-quality fan equipment for power, metallurgy, petrochemical industry, building materials industry, sewage treatment and other industries.

    Efficient environmental protection DUNAN cold-chain CO2 refrigeration international leading technology, and its application in large cold storage breakthroughs.

    The high efficiency environmental protection refrigeration technology of dun 'an cold chain CO2 has made a breakthrough in the application of large cold storage.

    Has the leading sensor, the robot technology

    DunAn Environment has been actively transforming towards high-end intelligent manufacturing and has formed a high-end intelligent manufacturing layout of “industrial control component+ sensor + robot”.

    In 2014, Microlux technology,inc, which has advanced sensor technology, was acquired. to develop world leading sensors technology. In 2015 we established Suzhou Sensor Research Institute and therefore created Sino-US joint effort to improve the comprehensive competitive ability of MEMS sensors, from chip research and design to package testing and system integration. We will gradually expand our business area as the pitching-in of pressure sensor industry.

    In December 2015, the company made a strategic investment in awbo technology, a leading company of human-machine collaboration light industrial robot, to upgrade to intelligent manufacturing. We are committed to creating industrial robot products and services with Internet label. We have broken through key technologies such as controller, end-effector, motor and sensor, and have a number of core patents. We are committed to bringing revolutionary innovation to the existing industrial robot application field.

    Dunan Environmental focused on promoting the development of key components and system solutions for new energy vehicles. In 2017, Dunan Automotive Thermal Management Technology Co., Ltd. was established to cooperate with international technical teams to develop leading technologies for key components of new energy automotive thermal management. Customers provide efficient and intelligent system solutions to accelerate the industrial layout.

    Make contribution to create "Clear water, blue sky" national wide

    We have been utilizing industrial waste heat of power plants, steel mills, large chemical plant etc. to build regional energy heating plants. Through effective use of renewable energy, our heating areas cover more than 50 million square meters, including Yuanping city, Shanxi, Laiyang Shandong, Hebi Henan, Wu’an Hebei etc. By the end of the 13th five-year plan, the heating area will reach 100 million square meters, and it will become one of the leading enterprises in the field of energy conservation and heating in China.

    DunAn holds on to national energy conservation and emission reduction policy to deepen resource integration. Through the Internet technology, we make full use of an energy efficiency test platform to make data analysis and monitor energy efficiency in operation, and summarizes operation experience. Through the optimization of "No one stands guard at heat exchanger station", we make efforts to achieve "intelligent operation" and therefore to reduce operating costs and improve efficiency. We actively response and develop national advocacy of "waste heat to warm the people" and "green heating”. We strengthen communication with associations, scientific research institutions and universities to improve overall R&D technology. Based on the characteristics of northern and southern city heating, we develop different types of heating methods and enrich renewable utilization of new energy to promote energy conservation industry.


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